Now I get it. You want to prove you're good enough and then shove it in our faces!
— Wade to Mark

Wade is a recurring character and a varsity at East Bay City High in Mech-X4.


Wade is a varsity at East Bay City High. He didn't really like the idea of some Bay City High children moving to East Bay City High and regularly argues with Mark.


In Versus The New Evil, Wade was trying to get a snack from the vending machine. Ryan helped him because he wanted to fit in. Ryan even gave loads of snack for the varsities. Later, Wade saw Mark wearing a varsity jacket. Wade claimed that he isn't a varsity at East Bay City High. Mark hoped that Ryan would use his powers on him, but Ryan took Wade's side.

In Versus The Outbreak, Wade was at tryouts for varsity. He watched Mark get into the final round. Due to the Gravity Pucks, Mark won. When Mark was with Ryan and Spyder, Wade declared that Mark should hang out with the varsities instead. At the lunch hall, Mark quit the team which made Wade thought that he wanted to show his skills then neglect them. Wade and Mark were arguing, but they stopped when the other students started turning into monsters. Wade and Mark fought them off and Wade was impressed with Mark's skills. Wade offered Mark a place if he wanted it, but he declined because he wanted to hang out with his team more.

In Versus The Dark Night, Wade was at the party in Veracity's house. Wade wore Veracity's dad clothes and tore it in front of everyone at the party. When Spyder made the party less fun, Wade left and the other people that came.

In Versus The Monster Within, Wade forces a student to do his homework but when he gets a lower grade. He is stopped by Harris when he was about to bully the student who did his homework.

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