Leo's right. I couldn't even move that fast, and I'm... you know, awesome.
Mark to Ryan, Harris and Spyder

Versus Sabotage is the fifteenth episode in Season 2 of MECH-X4 and the thirtieth overall. It first aired on April 22, 2018.


After a successful mission, the team finally gets a little chill time in Mech-X until they find a bomb on the X-Deck.[1]


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  • Veracity is said to be visiting a genius school which only admits females.
  • Only two days have passed since Traeger's apparent defeat and Seth Harpers' departure.
  • The restroom in MECH-X4 is located in the left ankle.
  • Georgia was mentioned as introducing Mark to embroidery.
  • It was revealed that Leo had programmed secret codes for the robot, that he can say, and the robot will shut off technical components for the command given.


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