Traeger is the mysterious primary antagonist the MECH-X4 crew faces in Season 2. He appears to be a
Hand From The Ooze

Traeger Arising From The Ooze

portion of red ooze which has somehow achieved sentience. He is portrayed by Dan Payne.  


Apparently created amidst the final battle between MECH-X4 and Seth Harper's creature, Traeger first appears, as a hand rising from a pool of ooze. Shortly thereafter, he establishes a mental link with Kim Grey who recovers his inert form and secrets it into a hidden laboratory and kidnaps Seth Harper to help her grant her new master the power of mobility. After gaining his full powers, Traeger has begun fulfilling his ambition of world domination.


Versus The Dark Night

Grey worked on a monster which was able of stealing energy. Once Grey got this energy, she inserted it into Traeger. The power inside him was effective against Mech-X4 and he was a threat to the team.

Versus The Tech Army

Traeger and Grey were at the airport and stole polymine - which protects weapons during cold weathers. Traeger and Grey stole a plane to go to the Secret Government Weapons Facility. In Versus Traeger, Traeger broke into the weapon facility. Some military guards found Traeger but Traeger made them unconscious. Traeger found Ryan and Mark. Harris and Spyder helped Ryan and Mark from Traeger. He escaped but the MECH-X4 Team found him. Traeger transformed himself into a monster to scare the team away. Traeger fought Mech-X4 in his monster form and ended up winning but he escaped.

Versus Velocity and Veracity

Traeger and Grey were ready for their next plan. Traeger showed Grey the Primorphous Gel in the Arctic. He and Grey were waiting for the team to come in Versus The Arctic. Traeger saw Mech-X4 and transformed into a monster to attack Mech-X4 in the sky. Traeger got defeated in the sky and crashed in the Arctic. Traeger was still pretending he was after the pile of ooze. He tricked the Mech-X4 team to fire the X-Weapon onto the pile of ooze. Traeger ripped the arms off Mech-X4. He jumped through the head of Mech-X4 to finish them off. Traeger was going to turn Ryan into a monster like him but he escaped. Traeger ripped the robot in two using his monster form. To make sure Ryan was gone permanently, Traeger thoroughly checked to see if he was there in Versus The Wolves at the Door.

Versus Miami

Grey returned to Traeger and gave him the Red Bloom. Traeger put a drop of ooze into the Red Bloom. Traeger's next plan was to make the Red Bloom for everybody, including his brother.

Versus The X-Weapon

With Seth and Leo working together, they made a strong and powerful X-Weapon so that Traeger could turn back to red Primorphous Gel. In the battle against Ryan and Traeger, Traeger transformed into red ooze nut somehow transformed back. Ryan and the team still think Traeger is eliminated so Traeger uses this chance to take control of Harris and destroy MECH-X4 from the inside, like how Harris planted a bomb in Versus Sabotage.

Versus Harris

Traeger, Grey, Morris, Seth and Harris traveled to Brazil to fill the greenhouses with Red Bloom so it would make everyone under the control of Traeger. Traeger takes in the power of the Red Bloom and successfully launch the Red Bloom everywhere so everyone is under Traeger's control.

Powers and Abilities

  • Telekinetic Abilities: He has absolute control over red ooze, which his body is apparently largely composed of. He can even control the substance within Grey's bloodstream to ensure her co-operation. Traeger can control all forms of ooze, which explains how Harris fell under his control (as Harris does have traces of ooze in his system from when he accidentally ingested some in the first episode ). He has also shown, that he can project his thoughts into others. He can also emit waves of energy to knock back his opponents in combat.
  • Monster Form: Traeger can shift his body into a giant reptilian creature, capable of fighting MECH-X4 in hand-to-hand combat. Additionally, he can fire laser-like blasts from his mouth.
  • Super Strength As one of his most noticeable powers, Traeger has unmatched strength. This enabled him to avoid getting crushed by MECH-X and throw it off balance. In Spyder's own word he 'He threw the robot like a rag doll.', and this was while he was in human form.
  • Flight: In his normal and monster forms he can energize himself and enable himself to fly, while also hiding from MECH-X4's scanners.
Traeger Creature

Traeger In Monster Form


Season 1

Season 2


  • IRL "Traeger" is a company known for making barbecue grills for the home market.
  • Traeger has mysteriously proclaimed that he and Seth Harper are "brothers" since they have the same DNA.
  • Traeger was defeated by the X-Weapon but managed to reform himself after a short time later.
  • In Versus Sabotage, it was revealed that a mentally enslaved Harris has been secretly helping Traeger virtually since his original emergence from the ooze.
  • According to Versus The Betrayal, Traeger has the same idea as Seth wanted to do with the Earth - ending war, ending hatred and save the world.


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