Technopathy is the ability to control technology with the mind. It's only current user is Ryan Walker. It is what awakened Mech-X4 in the show. It's limits have not been explored yet. When using this ability, the users irises glow a light blue color.


  • Explosion Inducement - Ryan is capable of making technology and electronics explode with his mind. This is a common effect of his power as he did it with phones, droids, missiles, etc. However, using this ability too much can cause mental pain or stress and can often time make him weak. (Let's Survive in the Woods!)
  • Remote Control - Ryan is able of controlling MECH-X4 from outside the robot for short periods of time. His ability gradually improved when using it constantly. (Let's Go Clubbing!).


Ryan Walker - Ryan got his power from his biological parents (Randall and Violet). Since Leo experimented on Randall and Violet, technopathy was passed down to Ryan even though the experiment on Randall and Violet failed.

Failed Technopaths

Leo experimented on 30 people for his technopath trial, including Randall and Violet. However, it made the thirty people allergic to technology and sick.

  • Randall - Randall was one of the thirty people who Leo experimented on. Unlike the other technopaths, Randall wasn't allergic to technology and he wasn't sick either.
  • Violet - Violet was one of the thirty people who Leo experimented on. Leo tried to inject her so she feels better but it didn't work. Ryan cured her using his technopathy energy.
  • Aaron - Aaron was another failed technopath who wanted to be back to normal. Aaron found Leo in Versus Traeger and Aaron warned him that if Leo doesn't fix him and the other technopaths he would die. Aaron took Randall's side when Lincoln was going to take them away.
  • Lincoln - Lincoln was the failed technopaths leader and she believed that they should kill Leo if he doesn't fix them. When she saw Ryan cure Violet, she wanted her to cure the other failed technopaths even if it meant if Ryan gets killed.
  • Brandi - Brandi was a little girl who was somehow less sick than the other failed technopaths. When Lincoln wanted Ryan to test the procedure on her, because she's less sick and younger, she got cured.


  • If the user has technopathy, they can manipulate technopathic energy.
  • Technopathy is a word Leo made up.