We need your help!
— Randall to Leo

Randall Anthony is a recurring character and is the birth father of Ryan Walker in Mech-X4.


Randall Anthony is the birth father of Ryan. 15 years ago, Randall gave Ryan to Leo to keep him safe.


15 years ago, Randall and Leo were being chased by people who were working with Seth. Randall asked Leo to look after Ryan while Randall was going to change his identity and move out of town so they don't find him.

In Versus The Mountain, Randall took a job as a miner to get Seth off his case. Unfortunately, there was a collapse at his dig site. Ryan goes and sets off in MECH-X4 to go find him. He eventually finds him and together they were able to get the other miners from the other side. Suddenly, a cave-in began and Randall learns that Ryan was his son and he is the pilot of MECH-X4. They managed to get out safely. Ryan had to leave Randall because if Seth Harper saw them together, he would use Randall against Ryan.

In Versus Traeger, Randall and Aaron finds Leo to tell him that a few of the people in his technopathy trial, there were side effects. So Leo now has to fix these side effects before they die.

In Versus The Wolves at the Door, Randall was watching Leo inject Violet to help her feel better. It doesn't work and she got sicker than before.

In Versus The Thirty, Randall and Leo found Ryan at a remote place, which was home to the failed technopaths. Randall and Leo explained why he couldn't bring his Mech-Link to the others and why he wasn't receiving a signal. Randall and Leo showed Ryan to Lincoln and Aaron. Ryan asked to see Violet. Randall and Leo showed Ryan to her cabin. Before Ryan could absorb the technopathic energy in Violet, Lincoln suggested on testing it on someone younger. Randall, Leo, Lincoln and Aaron were watching Ryan cure Brandi. Violet told Randall and Leo that Ryan woke up after Ryan cured Violet. Randall and Violet got taken away by two men. Randall and Violet got rescued by Leo. However, they got stopped by Lincoln. Lincoln commanded the thirty volunteers to get Ryan. Aaron convinced them that they shouldn't take Ryan away. As a result, two men took Lincoln away. Randall and Violet said their goodbyes before Ryan and Leo set off back to Bay City.

Episode Appearance

Season 2


  • He is Ryan's biological father.