He's a villain.
Spyder about Principal Dent

Principal Dent is a recurring character and a principal at East Bay City High in MECH-X4.


Principal Dent is a principal at East Bay City High. He didn't like the idea of Bay City High moving to East Bay City High.


In Versus The New Evil, Principal Dent bumped into Harris and Spyder. He didn't like Spyder chewing gum and took it from him. Spyder thought he was a villain so he went to go after him. Principal Dent saw Mark and Wade fighting. He allowed Wade and the other varsities go but gave Ryan, Mark, Harris and Spyder detention.

In Versus The Outbreak, Principal Dent wanted to know what happened from Spyder, but Spyder didn't answer him.

In Versus The Monster Within, Harris sent a video of Mark dancing and this impresses Principal Dent. Principal Dent invited Mark to join his dance team and he accepts. Principal Dent, as the dance leader, removes the other dancers till it's only Dane and Mark.

Episode Appearance


  • Principal Dent doesn't like Bay City High, he mostly doesn't like Spyder.