Every campout pays the price, when the Butcher comes to chop and slice.
— Park Ranger Jeff to Ryan, Harris and Spyder

Park Ranger Jeff is an antagonist in Mech-X4. He was hired by Principal Grey to kill Spyder, Ryan and Harris.


Jeff was hired by Principal Grey to kill Ryan, Spyder and Harris. He used his Park Ranger cover so he can closer to them.


In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Jeff was hired by Grey to kill Ryan, Spyder and Harris whilst Davage goes after Mech-X4. Jeff took all of their phones so they won't be able to know when a monster attacks. When Dane pretended to be the Butcher, they wanted to get revenge and take his phone, but the plan doesn't work because Jeff took Harris. Ryan and Spyder were trying to look for him, but Jeff took him without Ryan knowing. He bumps into Ryan and revealed who he truly is. He captured Ryan, Harris and Spyder. Ryan came up with a plan that will distract Jeff. They managed to escape, but Jeff goes after him. They trapped Jeff in a tent, and Ryan threw the phones into the tent and exploded it whilst Jeff was inside.


  • Prinicpal Grey hired Jeff to take down Ryan, Harris and Spyder.