Nathaniel James Potvin (born October 2, 1999) is an actor known for his roles in Twist of Faith and Table 58.

He currently portrays Ryan Walker on MECH-X4.


Nathaniel was a guest star on many television series such as Girl Meets World, CSI, Jessie, and Haunted Hathaways. He is a rising young actor who had notable roles in the TV movies Twist of Faith and Table 58.


  • If he could have any superpower, he'd want to have teleportation because it's really convenient.
  • His mom and dad are in the film industry.
  • He likes to go indoor rock climbing off set.
  • His favourite film is Interstellar.
  • He loves all genres of films, though his favourites are comedies and dramas.
  • He was on an award winning Hip-Hop crew.
  • He's a dog person.
  • His celebrity crush is Gracie Abrams.
  • He is currently dating Kayla Maisonet, who stars in a leading role in Disney’s show, “Stuck in the Middle.”
  • His favourite song is 24K Magic by Bruno Mars.
  • If he were actually a technopath, he'd use the ability to control movie ticket sales so he could see endless movies.
  • He likes turtles.
  • He started dancing before he started acting.
  • His favourite Disney movie is Treasure Planet and his favourite Pixar movie is The Incredibles.
  • Nate and Kamaran Lucas were both in Girl Meets World as the "Academic Halves".
    • Coincidently, him and Raymond Cham were also both dancers in Jessie, though in different episodes.
  • He co-hosted the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards Red Carpet with Veronica Dunne from K.C. Undercover.
  • He tries to do all of his own stunts.
  • His favourite colour is burgundy.
  • He really enjoys cooking.
  • He'd like to have Chris Pratt guest stair on the show.
  • If he wasn't an actor he'd wanna be a director.
  • He has brothers that are both older than him.
  • His favourite dinosaur is a stegosaurus.
  • One similarity between his character and him is that they both love skateboarding.
  • He'd go to Obama for inspiration because he's such a strong leader.
  • His favourite weapon from Mech-X4 is the plasma punch.
  • His favourite superhero is Gambit from X-Men.
  • If Mech-X4 were a real thing, he'd still want to be the pilot.
  • He likes having cameras around.
  • He wants to go to Fiji.
  • He confirmed that he has, in fact, pretended to use technopathy in real life (though only when people ask).
  • He appeared in the Netflix series, Alexa & Katie as a character named, Ryan.