The Markmobile was a car that was owned by Mark Walker. He used technology from Mech-X3 to enhance the car's engines and attached Gravity Pucks to the car's wheels so it could fly.


Season 1

Let's Go Clubbing!

Let's Dig Deep!

  • Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder left Harper Futuristics using the Markmobile.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • Mark drove Spyder to Seth so he can distract him.
  • Mark used the Gravity Pucks again to make Seth unable to work by Mark tying a rope around the monster's legs.
  • The Markmobile got crushed by the monster.

Season 2

Versus The Mountain

  • Leo re-built the Markmobile for Mark.

Versus The Tech Army

  • Mark drove himself and Ryan to go to Grace.

Versus Velocity and Veracity

  • Mark and Ryan went to school using the Markmobile.

====Versus The Thirty

  • Leo told Ryan he upgraded the Markmobile's flying feature.
  • Ryan and Leo went back to Bay City using the Markmobile.


Season 1

Season 2


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  • The car was destroyed by a monster that fell on the car in Let's End This! Part Two.
  • Leo used Mech-X4's repair nanites to rebuild the car.