You deserve to be on the team. You really came through for us Splicer--uh--Spiner...Something with an S?

Mark and Spyderis the friendship pairing between Mark Walker and Spyder.


Season 1

Let's Call It MECH-X4!

  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan) wanted to reveal their identity for fame.

Let's Get Some Air!

  • Mark apologized to Spyder.
  • Mark got Spyder's name wrong twice.
  • Spyder hugged Mark.

Let's Survive in the Woods!

  • Mark (and Dane) taunted Spyder (and Harris) about the Bay City butcher.
  • Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) cycled to save Mark but he was too late.
  • When Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) found Mech-X4's location, he also found Mark as well.

Let's Get the Big Bad!

  • Mark and Spyder (with Harris) didn't trust Grey inside Mech-X4.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) helped Grey fight off Morris and henchmen, led by Morris.
  • After they defeated Morris, Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) tracked the Mastermind's location.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) defeated Clawboon.

Let's Deal with Our Stuff!

  • Spyder (and Haris) wanted Ryan to tell Mark he's adopted.

Let's Get Some Answers!

  • Mark drove Spyder (along with Ryan and Harris) to Leo's address.
  • Mark saved Spyder (and Harris) from the drones.

Let's Go Clubbing!

  • Spyder (and Ryan) called Mark to tell him about Dane.
  • Mark drove his Markmobile to pick up Ryan and Spyder.

Let's Get Leo!

  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan) went to save Leo.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan) pass out when they hit one of the mines.
  • Mark and Spyder were left by themselves when Ryan went to rescue Leo from the underwater base.
  • Mark and Spyder get told by Ryan that The Mastermind was Seth Harper.

Let's Dig Deep!

  • Spyder surprised Mark (with Ryan and Harris) when he shapeshifted into Seth.

Let's Destroy Some Ooze!

  • Mark asked why Spyder was on the football court.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) got attacked by Chameleo Wasp.
  • Mark called Spyder a "dingus" for talking with Cassie, although she couldn't hear him, on Gramogram.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • Spyder met up with Mark after he did his part of Ryan's plan.
  • After they defeated Seth, Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) were watching Cassie's video on the head of Mech-X4.

Season 2

Versus The New Evil

  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) fought Chameleo-Wasp.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) got detention by Principal Dent.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) followed who was taking the ooze to a warehouse, which turned out to be Grey.

Versus The Deep

  • Mark and Spyder (as well as Ryan) went to find more answers about Ryan at Harper Futuristic.
  • Mark and Spyder (and Ryan) took care of Morris and his helpers.
  • After their battle with Morris, Mark and Spyder (with Ryan) got back to Mech-X4 to fight Insectashark, who was underwater.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Harris) fixed the drive that contained info about Ryan's biological parents.

Versus The Outbreak

  • Ryan and Spyder (also with Harris and Mark) fought off the infected students.

Versus Harper's Ghost

  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) went to get Seth from Grey.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris, including Seth) fought Arachno-Rhino.

Versus The Dark Night

  • Mark alerted Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) about the power shortage in Bay City.
  • When Spyder (and Harris) got back from Veracity's house, Spyder and Mark (with Ryan and Harris) followed the monster, which led them to Grey and a new enemy, Traeger.

Versus Traeger

  • Mark alerted Spyder (along with Ryan and Harris) that Traeger had been spotted in Bay City.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Harris) went to the Secret Government Weapons Facility to find Traeger.

Versus Velocity and Veracity

  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan and Veracity) were practicing battling Traeger in a Mech-X4 simulator.
  • When Spyder went to Veracity, he told her that Mark and Spyder used to hate each other.
    • At the same moment, Mark called him "smelly" whilst talking to him.
  • During the flight test for the Mech Jet, Mark goes to save Harris whilst Spyder (and Veracity) put the fire out.

Versus The Arctic

  • Mark and Spyder laughed at each others costumes.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Ryan, Harris and Veracity) fought Traeger in the sky.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Harris and Veracity) ejected out of Mech-X4.

Versus The Wolves at the Door

  • Mark and Spyder (along with Mark and Spyder) were trying to find Ryan in the Arctic.
  • Mark and Spyder (with Harris and Veracity) got rescued by Seth.

Versus The Thirty

  • Spyder (along with Harris and Veracity) wanted to help Mark get back with Georgia.
  • When Mark figured that Spyder (with Harris and Veracity) was up to something, he went to Georgia's house.


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