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Season 2
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Season 2

Season 2 has premiered! Introducing Veracity in a leading role!

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Welcome to the Wiki!
Season 2
MECH-X4 on WATCH Disney XD!
Welcome to the official MECH-X4 Wiki, a collaborative encyclopedia for everything and anything related to the Disney XD show, MECH-X4! There are 177 articles and though we are still growing since this wiki was founded, we hope to make this wiki into something great. We want everyone to feel safe, comfortable and welcomed so we can all assist each other in creating a comprehensive database for MECH-X4. Don't forget to visit this wiki's Policy before editing and if you have any questions, please go to the one of the admins or bureaucrats. Have fun!

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Meet the Characters
About the Show

The series centers on Ryan Walker (Nathaniel Potvin), a freshman at Bay City High who has technopathy – the extraordinary ability to control technology with his mind. His talent mysteriously awakens MECH-X4, a giant 150-foot robot built by an elusive genius-in-hiding to defend their town against impending doom.

Ryan recruits his two best friends –Harris (Kamran Lucas) and Spyder (Pearce Joza) — and older brother Mark (Raymond Cham), to help him operate MECH-X4.

When monsters suddenly begin to descend upon their city, the four must quickly learn to work as a team in order to pilot the robot that is their only hope of saving their town, and ultimately the world, from mass destruction.

Featured - May 2018
Featured Villain

Kim Grey was the principal of Bay City High. She appears nice and caring, but in fact is the one deploying the monsters against the city. She was working for Seth Harper, an evil mastermind bent on destruction, but she never knew her boss's identity. Read more...

Featured Monster

Clawboon is a monster made out of Crab and Baboon DNA. Grey made it to take down the pilot of Mech-X4 but it was unsuccessful and Clawboon was destroyed by the X-Weapon. Additionally, in Let's Get the Big Bad!, Grey fell into Clawboon's ooze which was zapped by the X-Weapon. This meant that Grey could transform into Clawboon whenever she wants. Read more...

Featured Episode

Versus The Thirty is the twelfth episode in Season 2 of MECH-X4. Ryan meets more of Leo's technopathy test subjects, including his birth mother. Read more...

Featured Pairing

Ryan and Mark have always been brothers. Ryan and Mark may always bicker and argue but they still love each other in the end. Even when Ryan found that he was adopted, Mark still supported him in finding his biological parents.

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The End Is Near

Versus The End premiered on August 20, 2018!

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