MECH-X4 (character) is a main character in MECH-X4. He is a giant 150-foot robot created by Leo Mendel . He is mysteriously awaken by the technopathic talent of Ryan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Technopathic Bond: MECH has a bond with the technopath Ryan Walker which allows Ryan to control MECH's movements and attacks.
  • Super Strength: Due to his enhanced size MECH has strength which allows him to easily lift objects such as dumpsters and pushing off giant monsters with limited effort even if they are twice its size.
  • Jump Rockets : MECH has the ability to leap distances much greater than a human of proportional size. This is done by the large and powerful thrusters on its sides and feet.
  • Signal Frequency: In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, it was revealed that MECH emits a tracking signal on a secret frequency so that it can be tracked down if ever captured.
  • Scanners: Mech-X4 is equipped with powerful scanners, scan all of Bay city in seconds and measure energy levels, detect nearby monsters, act as sonar, etc.
  • Sub Mode: This allows MECH to travel underwater and sustain the pilots for longer than 20 minutes, longer than without the sub mode. in Versus the Deep this received an upgrade, allowing MECH to fire torpedoes and to swim in a stealth mode.
  • Flight Mode: In this mode a large jet attaches itself to MECH's back and allows for long distance flight. This mode also gives MECH gun turrets as mid-air weaponry.
  • Stealth Mode: Used in Let's End This! Part One This mode shields MECH from radar and creates a holographic field that hides it from view, thus making Mech-X4 undetectable.
  • 360 Degree Rotation: As shown in Versus The New Evil MECH could rotate its upper body in 360 degree rotation, in order to blanket the area with the cold cannon.
  • Escape Pod: The elevator inside Mech-X4 can be ejected outside of the robot as an emergency escape method, should it be necessary.
  • Repair Nanites: MECH-X4 ultilizes repair nanites in order to repair its armor, weapons and other systems that are damaged during a fight that would take Mark weeks to do on his own. They were also responsible for repairing the markmobile after it was destroyed in Let's End This! Part Two.
  • Fire Suppression System: This is an emergency system that will put out all fires in the robot if they ever broke out.
  • Self-Destruct: This is a last resort mechanism that will completely destroy the robot, should the event ever become necessary. Ryan considered using it when Mech-X4 was risking destroying all of Bay City.
  • Weapons: MECH has a large variety of extremely advanced technology and weaponry.
    • Plasma Punch: MECH has a extremely strong mechanical fist which is capable of destroying monsters easily. Spyder has described this as a "boss level weapon."
    • Plasma Axe: MECH has an axe with a plasma blade attached to his arm. It is capable of tearing through monsters and is a great offensive weapon. This weapon is the robot's least used one as it was used only once in Season 1.
    • Plasma Cannon: MECH's arm can transform into a cannon, which fires powerful blasts of plasma energy. However, it takes some good aim and once it's shot, it takes sometime to reload.
    • Shields: MECH has a force field of blue energy with an X symbol on it. Its appearance looks similar to the bounce belt's own force field, as well as its reflective abilities. The shields can also be focused into certain areas in order to increase their protective abilities.
    • Shoulder Missiles: MECH has a set of missiles on its shoulders. Most of the time they do little damage on monsters, but they're quite effective on handling humans and can create a temporary distraction. They have been shown to have different levels of intensity. As shown in Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Spyder can also select ten "boss level" missiles. These were capable of easily destroying Bay City High, though they were actually intended for the Wasp Monster. This is one of the few weapons that Spyder has complete control over.
    • Grappling Grip: This fires the left arm as a grappling hook, attaching itself too hard to reach monsters and drawing them in for an easier attack. It can also be used to grab large objects that are hard to reach. This has a very high tensile strength as it was capable of holding down MECH when flight mode went out of control.
    • Lasers: In the first episode, Spyder mentioned MECH had lasers as he was searching MECH's weapons list.
    • X-Weapon: This weapon was created by Harris and is MECH's most powerful weapon. It's capable of firing a powerful beam of energy from the MECH's X-symbol on its chest. It's also MECH's most draining weapon, as it sucks power from both the thrusters and the shoulder rockets, forming a giant X of red electricity over the chest. This beam emits large amounts of energy and it will leave it‘s target electrically charged.
    • Drill Arm: This is a giant drill attached to the cannon arm capable of quickly tunneling through the ground. It's a very powerful offensive weapon that can destroy monsters with a good strike.
    • Cold Cannon: This weapon fires a blast of super cooled air, that can freeze anything to industrial refrigerator levels, in seconds. This was added to the robots systems in the beginning of Versus the New Evil. It could freeze the Wasp Monster solid in just a few seconds.
    • Torpedoes: These were added to MECH during Versus the Deep. Like the missiles, Spyder has full control over them. They were unfortunately too slow to hit the Insecto-shark, but were capable of completely destroying the giant monster heart.
    • Machine Guns: These weapons are first used in Versus The Arctic. They are attached to the MECH jet used in flight mode and are capable of firing rounds at very high speeds. They unfortunately do little damage on monsters.


Mech X4 is equipped with multiple rooms within it’s interior to act as the base of operations when not in use.

  • Elevator:This allows quick and instantaneous entrance into the robot. This is done by having the robots right foot, step down on the person or group and they're immediately sucked up inside. This is very frightening to everyone who does this for the first time and Spyder has stated 'Don't worry if you wet yourself, we all did it the first time in that elevator'.
  • Lab: The robot is equipped with a fully stocked lab capable of preforming standard examinations and experiments.
  • Control Room/Main Room: This room is where the team operates the robot and where Ryan can control it. It's located inside the robot‘s head and has a hatch to allow access to the top of the robots head.
  • Lounge/Hangout: This is where the team rests after a battle and often comes to hangout. This is also where they store all of their gadgets and weapons,and it interconnects to all of the other rooms inside the robot. It also has a hatch opening that opens the center of the robot’s chest.
  • Infirmary: The robot has a fully equipped infirmary capable of repairing minor injuries and preforming biometric scans.



Ryan Walker

Mech-X4 is able to bond with Ryan technopathically, which allows him to control his movements.


  • Mech was created by a mysterious genius, who is later revealed to be Leo Mendel.
  • Mech resides inside of an Abandoned Ferry in a junk yard.
  • Godfrey, a news reporter, hates him and constantly says he is a threat to Bay City.


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