Harris and Spyder is the friendship pairing between Harris and Spyder.


Spyder and Harris consider themselves as best friends, in spite of them being complete opposites.


Season 1

Let's Call It Mech-X4!

  • Harris yelled Spyder's name and ran to him when he gets hurt.
  • Spyder tried to talk Harris into coming with them to reveal themselves.
  • Spyder was upset when he thought Harris was dead.

Let's Get Some Air!

  • Harris felt guilty after yelling at Spyder.
  • Harris apologized to Spyder and told him not to worry about it.

Let's Open The Monster Heart!

  • Harris told Spyder (and Ryan) to stop playing with Jaguasaur's primorphous core.
  • Harris and Spyder were later on working on opening the monster heart.
  • Harris and Spyder (along with Ryan and Mark) went to Harper Futuristic to open the monster heart.
  • When there was a fire alarm - which really was a false alarm - Harris and Spyder left the building whilst Ryan stayed to get the monster heart.

Let's Be Idiots!

  • Harris told Spyder (and Ryan) that he created an app which could tell when a monster attacks.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) opened a secret stash of weapons in the robot.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) fought the upgraded version of Jaguasaur but it flew away.
  • Harris and Spyder wanted Ryan to humiliate Jimmy because he called them dorks.

Let's Survive in the Woods!

  • Harris and Spyder (as well as Ryan) were going camping.
  • Harris and Spyder got scared when they heard Mark and Dane talking about The Butcher.
  • Harris and Spyder's phone (also Ryan's phone) got taken away by Park Ranger Jeff
  • Harris and Spyder both got taken by Jeff before Ryan.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) cycled to the Abandoned Ferry

Let's Get Our Robot Back!

  • Harris showed Spyder (and Ryan) to Leo's caravan.
  • Harris suggested that himself and Spyder (with Ryan) should go to Project Starry Night Headquarters to save Mark and Mech-X4.

Let's Get the Big Bad!

  • Harris and Spyder (with Mark) freaked out when Grey was aboard Mech-X4.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) offered to help Grey fight off Morris and Seth's henchmen.
  • Harris and Spyder were both holding weapons to use against Grey.
  • Harris and Spyder decided to go to Donut King after their battle with Grey.

Let's Deal with Our Stuff!

  • Ryan told Harris and Spyder about his adoption.
  • Harris and Spyder ran a scan on Ryan if the X-Weapon was draining him.
  • Harris and Spyder noticed that Ryan's powers was glitching again.
  • When Harris left the room, Spyder went after him.
  • Harris and Spyder advised Ryan that he should tell Mark that Ryan's adopted.

Let's Get Some Answers!

  • Spyder wanted Harris to do something daring so he would get into Harper Grant.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) went to 2810 Football Rd, where Mech-X3 was.
  • When Harris and Spyder were cornered by drones, Mark saved them just in time.

Let's Get Leo!

  • Harris told Spyder (along with Ryan and Mark) he added a sub mode and he made MECH-Link.
  • Spyder was getting annoyed with Harris spending his time at Harper Grant.
  • Harris and Spyder started arguing but Harris turned invisible with the MECH-Link.
  • Harris was concerned when Spyder (also with Ryan and Mark) went unconscious.

Let's Dig Deep!

  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) got told by Leo that Seth has a huge pocket of Primorphous Gel.
  • Harris and Spyder were arguing on who was going to pretend to be Seth.

Let's Destroy Some Ooze!

  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) were tracking the ooze pocket in Bay City High.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) fought Chameleo-Wasp but the monster tricked them.

Let's End This! Part One

  • Harris and Spyder (with the rest of the Mech-X4 Team) tried to dodge attacks from the military.
  • Harris (and Mark) told Spyder (and Ryan) that Seth has a giant Primorphous Core missile.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) were shocked to see Seth inside the monster.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • When Grace woke up inside Mech-X4, she asked Harris and Spyder (with Leo) to leave.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) were watching Cassie's latest video on Mech-X4.

Season 2

Versus The New Evil

  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) were chasing after Chameleo-Wasp.
  • After they defeated Chameleo-Wasp, Harris and Spyder (along with Ryan and Mark) went to East Bay City High.
  • Harris and Spyder were discussing if Principal Dent is a villain like Grey.
  • Harris and Spyder (along with Ryan and Mark) got detention by Principal Dent.
  • After detention, Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) went to track what the military was doing with the ooze.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan and Mark) found out that Grey was alive and could turn into Clawboon whenever she wanted.

Versus The Deep

  • Harris and Spyder were told by Ryan that he recently had visions.
  • Harris came to help Spyder (along with Ryan and Mark) with the Mech Sub.

Versus The Outbreak

  • Harris and Spyder left Ryan and Mark so they didn't make it more awkward.
  • Harris and Spyder tried to get Veracity's iPad using small gravity pucks, however, Veracity found out that Harris took her iPad.
  • Harris and Spyder (with Veracity) were going to open the data core.
  • When Spyder got grabbed by an infected student, Harris (and Veracity) built a Power Amplifier to get Spyder away from the infected student.
  • Harris and Spyder left to go help their friends.
  • Harris and Spyder helped Ryan and Mark get away from the infected pupils.

Versus Harper's Ghost

  • Harris was helping with ideas on how Spyder could jump over the school.
  • When Veracity arranged to meet up with Spyder, Harris told him it wasn't a date.
  • Harris and Spyder were told by Ryan that he claimed he saw Seth.

Versus The Mountain

  • Harris and Spyder (with Ryan) went to the mountain Randall was in.
  • Harris and Spyder were monitoring the mountain whilst Ryan went to go save him.
  • Harris and Spyder alerted Ryan the mountain was about to collapse.

Versus The Dark Night

  • Harris and Spyder went to check on Veracity's house.
  • Harris and Spyder took Veracity's generator.
  • After they used the generator to power up Mech-X4, Harris and Spyder gave it back to Veracity.

Versus The Tech Army

  • Harris showed Spyder (and Ryan) the drone which could find Traeger and Grey.
  • When they finally got a possible match of Traeger, Spyder wanted to tell Ryan but Harris didn't so he could spend time with his dad.
  • Harris and Spyder got to the airport and found out it was Traeger.

Versus Traeger

  • Harris (and Leo) showed Spyder (and Ryan) the weapon that could defeat Traeger.
  • Harris and Spyder (also Ryan and Mark) got to the Secret Government Weapons Facility.
  • Spyder asked what was up with Harris and he realized it was because he thought it was his fault Grey got away.
  • Spyder convinced him it wasn't his fault.

Versus The Wolves at the Door

  • Harris and Spyder (along with Mark and Veracity) were trying to find Ryan.
  • Seth helped Harris and Spyder (also Mark and Veracity) by bringing them to his secret base.

Similarities and Differences


  • Harris and Spyder are both friends with Ryan Walker
  • Harris and Spyder both have roles on Mech-X4.


  • Harris is responsible, Spyder is irresponsible.
  • Harris is smart, Spyder likes to have fun.
  • They are unalike to each other.


  • They have polar opposite roles on the Mech-X4 team. Spyder is in charge of weapons while Harris is in charge of defense.