Gravity Pucks are devices capable of negating the effects of gravity. They're used by Ryan Walker and Mark Walker to allow their personal vehicles to fly.


The gravity pucks were presumably created by Leo along with the bounce belt. They were stashed in a secret compartment of Mech-X4. They are capable of producing extreme forces. As shown in Let's End This! Part One, they were capable of holding down a trained security agent. They could also hold down Davage for several seconds before he escaped them. The Markmobile's flying capabilities are capable, because the gravity pucks support the wheels.

The gravity pucks can attach them selves to almost any kind of surface. As shown in Let's Be Idiots! they can easily attach themselves to Ryan's skateboard. They come in a smaller size as well. As shown in Versus The Outbreak Ryan placed small gravity pucks in Mark's shoes and were able to help him jump much higher.

They can also be controlled from a distance. in the same episode, Harris used his MECH-Link to control the device and steal Veracity's iPad from her bag.


Season 1

Let's Be Idiots!

  • Ryan was planning on using the Gravity Pucks to help him cheat in the skate-off.

Let's Survive in the Woods!

  • Mark used the Gravity Pucks to get him popcorn.
  • Mark used the Gravity Pucks against Davage to trap him.

Let's Get the Big Bad!

  • Ryan used the Gravity Pucks against Morris and used it to defeat some guards.
  • Ryan used the Gravity Pucks against Principal Grey to get her weapon away from Mark.

Let's Go Clubbing!

  • Mark used the Gravity Pucks on his Markmobile to make the car go faster.

Let's End This! Part One

  • Mark carried the Gravity Pucks on his backpack at Harper Futuristics.
    • Mark used the Gravity Pucks against Morris.

Let's End This! Part Two

  • Ryan used Gravity Pucks on his skateboard so he could get to Harper Futuristics quicker.

Season 2

Versus The New Evil

  • Ryan used the Gravity Pucks against Principal Grey, but failed.

Versus The Outbreak

  • Ryan put small gravity pucks on Mark's shoes so he could win the game.
  • Harris used the same small gravity pucks to get Veracity's tablet.

Versus The Mountain

  • Ryan used the pucks to help Randall get to the other miners.
  • Ryan positioned the Gravity Pucks on the boulder Randall was stuck in.

Versus The Wolves at the Door

  • Ryan saw Gravity Pucks in Spyder's weapon stash.
  • Harris used Gravity Pucks to get to the lower section of the robot.


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