You're lucky you're cute!
— Georgia to Mark

Georgia is a recurring character and a fan of sports and a fan of Legacy of Wyvern in MECH-X4.


Georgia is a fan of sports, like Mark. Mark and Georiga first met at the Slam Dunk Extreme and started dating ever since.


In Versus The Tech Army, she was in the line for the Slam Dunk Extreme. Mark asked her if it was the correct line. Even though Mark didn't know much about Legacy of Wyvern, Georgia wanted Mark to ask her out but he had to bail because Mark saw a drone. Georgia gave Mark his shield to protect from the tech havoc. Mark gave parts of the shield. Mark apologized to her and Georgia gave Mark her number.

In Versus The Arctic, Mark went with Georgia to the Wyvern Convention. Mark didn't really get the Wyvern convention but Georgia explained it to her.

In Versus The Thirty, Georgia got flowers and notes, which weren't positive. She assumed it was Mark even though it was Spyder. Georgia saw up in the sky that 'I want your love to die' when it was supposed to say 'I want your love today'. Georgia texted Mark a picture. Veracity tried to use words to help. It didn't go so well though. Mark knocked on her door. Georgia didn't want to see him. He apologized for what Harris, Spyder and Veracity did. Georgia and Mark got back together again.

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