Good thing about being adopted is that I didn't inherit your weirdo sneeze.
Ryan about Davis' sneeze

Davis Walker is a recurring character and the adoptive father of Ryan and the biological father of Mark in MECH-X4.


Davis Walker is a builder who has been living Tasinia because he was building a hospital since Versus The Tech Army.


In Versus The Deep, Davis was talking to Ryan and Mark via video call. He told them about what was happening at Tasnia. He made jokes with Ryan and Mark. Davis told Ryan and Mark that he was coming soon. Davis caught because Ryan and Mark had to go to school.

In Versus The Tech Army, Davis was in Bay City. Davis surprised Ryan and Mark and wanted to spend time with them. Davis got Ryan, Mark, and Grace tickets to the Future Technology Explore. Davis allowed Mark to go to the Slam Dunk Extreme. Davis and Ryan were playing one of the games but Ryan left him and suddenly found out he was playing with another player. Davis found Ryan and wanted to check on him. When Ryan told Davis he needed space, Davis got upset. After the tech havoc, Ryan apologized to Davis.

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