I want that robot gone more! So do it! Unless you want scars on the other eye.
— Principal Grey to Davage

Davage is a recurring character and a villain who works for Principal Grey in MECH-X4 (TV series).


Davage is a villain who helps Principal Grey destroy MECH-X4.


In Let's Get Some Air!, when Principal Grey asks Davage to destroy MECH-X4, he causes MECH-X4 to get stuck in a huge pit of ooze.

In Let's Open The Monster Heart!, Davage is with Principal Grey at Bay City High talking about making a monster who can destroy the humans on board MECH-X4. At Bay City High, Davage instructs Principal Grey to put the new Primorphous Core to the checkpoint where the Primorphous Gel is.

In Let's Be Idiots!, Davage is talking to Principal Grey through her Monster Desk about that Ryan is going to the Bay City Skate-Off, who the other pilots are and where the robot is. Davage is with Principal Grey and were monitoring what Ryan was up to. In Bay City High, Davage noticed that Ryan spends a lot of time with Spyder and thinks that they should eliminate every child in Bay City High, but he gets interrupted by The Mastermind. Principal Grey created another monster because The Mastermind was getting impatient.

In Let's Survive in the Woods!, Davage found Mech-X4 and smashed a door open to take Mech-X4. He didn't realize that Mark would be on the robot. They fought and Mark used the Gravity Pucks to stop Davsge, but he escaped and trapped Mark using wires. The upgraded Jaguasaur took Mech-X4 with Davage and Mark in it away.

In Let's Get Our Robot Back!, Davage tried to make Mark tell him how to control Mech-X4. It was a trick and Mark managed to escape. Davage found Mark dressed as a guard and Ryan, Harris and Spyder. He shot a missile at them, but Ryan used Mech-X4's arm to block it. During the battle with Jaguasaur, Davage got hit by Jaguasaur's wing and was presumed dead.

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  • Davage is very similar to Morris because they each help their bosses and often send them to fight MECH-X4 (Davage for Principal Grey and Morris for Seth Harper)