I'm living way out of your league.
Cassie to Spyder in Let's Get Some Air!

Cassie Park is a recurring character and student that attends Bay City High. She is a reporter for her own web show. Spyder has been shown to have a crush on her numerous times.


Cassie is the school reporter and for her own web show. She usually post Mech-X4 videos on Gramogram.


In Let's Call It MECH-X4!, a monster comes and attack the school. Cassie was there to film the fight between the monster and MECH-X4. She was the first to know the name of MECH-X4.

In Let's Get Some Air!, Cassie was going to film Spyder do a stunt. He had to leave due to Ryan and Mark needed him.

In Let's Deal with Our Stuff!, Seth came to Bay City High to announce his scholarship, Harper Grant for Young Futurists. Seth came to Cassie since she filmed MECH-X4's fight. Cassie agreed and she interviewed everyone, including Ryan, Harris, Spyder, and Mark. Seth promoted that he was going to put it on every Harper Smartphone to make up for her not filming MECH-X4 against Octoconda.

In Let's Go Clubbing!, Cassie figured out that Ryan was the pilot due to recent things that were happening. Cassie went inside the fan club and told them about the theory of pilots being in Mech-X4 and said it was Ryan's idea. Ryan told the rest of the people that he said pirates, not pilots so that they won't believe there're actually pilots on Mech-X4. Ryan showed Cassie that he wasn't a pilot by getting out of the robot and controlling it outside.

In Let's Destroy Some Ooze!, Cassie was at Bay City High at 4 am and witnessed Mech-X4 destroying Bay City High. She was filming Mech-X4 destroy the school and shared it on Gramogram.

In Let's End This! Part Two, Cassie was filming Seth's monster and Ryan saved her from the monster. Ryan, Harris, Mark, and Spyder were watching a video Cassie filmed which was about Mech-X4.


Season 1


  • Cassie was the first to know the name of MECH-X4.