Aaron is a recurring character and one of the thirty who volunteered for technopathy.


Aaron is one of the failed technopaths who really wants Leo to cure him. Furthermore, he threatened Leo that he would die if he doesn't fix him.


Season 2

In Versus Traeger, Aaron was trying to find Leo. He saw Leo talking to a Bogurt employee. When Leo saw Aaron, he abandoned the employee. Aaron ran after Leo. Eventually, Aaron found Leo. He told him that the failed technopaths were allergic to technology and were sick. He wanted Leo to fix him. If he doesn't Aaron threatened Leo that he would die.

In Versus The Thirty, Aaron was watching Ryan absorb the technopathic energy that was producing in Brandi. After Lincoln cautioned Ryan that if he doesn't cure all of the failed technopaths, he wouldn't see his biological parents. Since Ryan had no choice, he cured Aaron. After Ryan cured him, Aaron wanted to help Ryan. Aaron took Randall's side when the other failed technopaths were going to take Ryan. Once Aaron convinced the others, two men took Lincoln away.

Episode Appearances


  • Aaron was one of the failed technopaths who was cured by Ryan.